Futant has been making music since 2006. Our first demo came out in 2008. Our first album came out in 2009. We have self released most of our material, and have worked with ComaRecordZ for several album releases, as well.

Futant is a term coined by Timothy Leary, by combining the words, “Future,” and, “mutant.” Leary is the basis for pretty much everything we do with Futant and the collective. This extends to a heavy slant toward futurism and a near-worship of technology, personal freedom, doing whatever we feel like doing in our own personal lives, and, “Stickin’ it to the man.” We believe that most human beings are attached to and live in an already outdated present, while being artificially hindered from pursuing increased intelligence, freedom, and information.

We have not always been well understood and enjoy being part of the weird side of technology and internet culture. Get to know us. Everything we do is to support your personal freedom, enhanced living and cognition, and ability to decide what the past, present, and future of technology and philosophy mean to you.

Futant has always been, and always will be, Luxe and F. Tyler. We have occasionally collaborated with other artists that have performed as part of the Futant Collective. Some of those have proven to be incompatible with the Futant mission and philosophy. Those who are forcibly ejected from the collective are referred to as, “Merkins.” To date, there is a small Merkin army that has yet to be washed, and who continue to be an outdated relic of the pubic past. Yes, Merkin is a proper noun. Though there are several, they operate as a single mind. Don’t be a merkin.