bookmark_borderThe Complete Futant Discography Is Now Online (and a teaser!)

Our complete (current) discography is now available on BandCamp. At the time of this writing, 20 releases are up there for you to download. Save for the original versions of our demos, which are collected on Future Mutant Deluxe, and the single for Dystopia, which is on the album Dystopia.

And, as always:


So go get it.

Plus, our new album has been out for a week, so it’s practically ancient… Futant never stops working on stuff, even if there’s a gap. So now we’ve started on this:

WHAT COULD IT ALL MEAN!?!??! Enjoy the mystery, until you find out…

bookmark_borderWe’ve been busy…

Here’s some stuff that’s coming up:

Futant – TransHuman – Our New LP

Transhuman is our newest album and will be out sometime in the coming month. It has 8 tracks of the weird electronic sonic experimentation you’ve come to expect.

Futant – System Overload Volume 2

System Overload – The Remixes: Volume 2 will be out this month as well. A few years ago we released a compilation of remixes with a similar name and similar cover art. This features remixes by Luxe.

Futant – Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a suite of 10 tracks made from recordings of our solar system. We will be releasing it as a limited vinyl run when we complete the record.

bookmark_borderAdded Discography Page

The discography page, for right now, is partial. I added it as we try to build the site and get everything together in one place so we can serve it ourselves, as well as link back to others that have helped us. There’s going to be a lot on here over the coming days, weeks, months, years..

-F. Tyler

bookmark_borderFutant Website

We haven’t had an actual website in years. We’re fixing that. We’ll be hosting all of our own music here, as well as posting it on several other websites. We’re still making new music. New album coming very soon. We are still living in the future. Thanks.

-F. Tyler